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Birth and death are the most singular events we experience and the contemplation of death, as of birth, should be a thing of beauty not ignobility.

Jacob K. Javits

Lets Build a Hospice!

A Hospice for Barbados…

The Barbados Association for Cancer Advocacy (BACA) has identified the building of a Hospice for Barbados as a major goal of the charity. The idea has been embraced by a number of agencies and individuals, who are now working together with BACA to make the Hospice a reality. The Living Water Community has entered into a joint venture agreement with BACA to construct and operate the hospice and Indeed, the building will be constructed at St David’s, Christ Church on land provided by that community.

When completed, the Hospice will provide a standalone facility, where compassionate care and appropriate therapies are made available to persons in the final phase of a terminal illness. It has been conceived as a place where families will be welcomed and supported in an oasis where their loved ones will be encouraged to live each day fully while they receive the attention and care they need. The focus will be on the quality of life.

The ground has already been broken and BACA is continuing its fund raising activity.  Join us.  Let us build the hospice together.

Become a Sponsor

Corporate and individual support is crucial in helping BACA Barbados achieve its mission. Contact us to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

BACA BARBADOS, LWC and other stakeholders recognize that the aging of the Barbados population, the increase in chronic non communicable diseases, limited home palliative care options and the lack of such a facility on the island are factors that make a standalone hospice a desirable option. Also noted, is that the Barbados Palliative Care Needs Assessment Project’s 2012 report recommended a standalone hospice be part of the palliative care offerings in Barbados.

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