The Hospice project receives ongoing support form BACA, USA In the photograph, Anne Reid, secretary to the Trustees of BACA Barbados receives a cheque from Heather Marsh, President of BACA USA. Janelle Taylor, member of BACA USA and Sister Rose of the Living Water Community share in the moment.


Thank you for your interest in donating to BACA. Your donation matters.

BACA BARBADOS and LWC have agreed that a fourteen (14) bed facility would fit the current needs of Barbados. Fundraising for the hospice is occurring at the local level under the direction of a fundraising committee. The international effort is spearheaded by the Barbados Diaspora Collaborative USA (BDC USA), a not-for-profit United States organization which is targeting the US, Canadian and UK Barbadian diasporas and so far has donated BDS $100,000 to the initiative. It is expected that BDS $5,000,000 will be needed to initiate and sustain the project in its initial years.

The Ministry of Health of Barbados has lauded the efforts of these charities to fill this important void in the health care services in Barbados and supports the call for philanthropy from members of civil society and the business communities locally, regionally and internationally.

BACA BARBADOS IS a Barbados cancer advocacy charity established in 2011 and LWC is a Catholic Lay Community founded in Port of Spain in 1975 providingnon-sectarianservices to the poor, homeless, abused, dying, drug addicted and illiterate in Trinidad and around the region. LWC has over 35 years of experience operating hospices in Trinidad in a cost effective manner and will bring this vast experience to the operations of the Barbados Hospice. Its Barbados operation was started in 2003.

Fundraising for the construction of the state of the art “green” building is ongoing.

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Unit C Fontabelle
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