Mission Statement

The Barbados Association for Cancer Advocacy (BACA Barbados) is a community based voluntary organization established on June 24, 2011 as Barbados Registered Charity No 875 for the purpose of minimizing the impact of cancer on the Barbadian community through various modalities including:
Promoting the early detection and prompt treatment of cancer in Barbados
Promoting risk reducing lifestyle changes in the Barbados population
Advocacy in collaboration with local governmental and relevant NGO
BACA Barbados has strong ties to the Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA), Inc., a New York based United States federal tax exempt nonprofit entity which was instrumental in its genesis and some of whose officers constituted its first trustees.

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Board of Trustees

Dr. O’Neall Parris is a practitioner of pediatrics, adolescent medicine and public health in Lake Success, NY. He attended Foundation School and Harrison College and received his undergraduate degree from Yale University, his MD degree from the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, and his Master’s in Public Health from the Columbia University School of Public Health in New York.

Mr. Waldo Clarke is Managing Director of Trowel Plastics a well-established Barbadian company specializing in decorative protective coatings and finishes for homes and commercial buildings. He holds a BBA from Northwood University and an MBA from Wilmington University.

Dr. Christopher Hackett is a former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Barbados to the United Nations. Prior to his diplomatic service for Barbados, he had a longstanding career as a high level United Nations civil servant serving in various capacities in far flung parts of the world. Dr. Hackett holds a PhD from New York University.

Dr. Trevor Parris is a UWI (Cave Hill) graduate in English and holds a PhD from Hull University. He is a retired educator with service in Barbados, Tortola (Chief Education Officer) and the University of the Virgin Islands St. Thomas Campus where he served as Chair of the Department of English. His writings have included poetry and English texts for use in Caribbean schools.

Mr. Prescod holds degrees in pharmacy (BSc) and pharmacy administration (MSc) and an MBA from Surrey University. He has been a pharmacy consultant to various regional governments and non-governmental organizations as well as several international agencies. He served many years as Director of the Barbados Drug Service before entering the private sector. Mr. Prescod is the founder and CEO of Pharma Wellness which offers individual and workplace Wellness programs.

Jessica Odle-Baril is a graduate of the London College of Fashion in the United Kingdom.

As an entrepreneur, she established Crimpers in the 1970’s, which was the first establishment of its kind offering personal improvement services to women and men. She established Your Best Image in New York and was the principal Image Consultant, Coach and Motivational Speaker. Jessica now serves as the Personal Aide to the Prime Minister of Barbados.

Formerly serving in the Senate of Barbados and as Consul General of Barbados at New York, Jessica’s breadth of experience encompasses business, politics, activism and philanthropy.

Jessica was the founding chairperson of Barbados Cancer Association USA (BACA), Inc. and has produced a documentary entitled ‘Let’s Build a Hospice Together” in support of the Barbados Hospice project. She is currently a Trustee of Barbados Association for Cancer Advocacy. 


Ms. Deiann Sobers has been president of the Barbados Association of Palliative Care since 2011 and has been a strong advocate for the expansion of palliative care services in Barbados. She holds a BA in Sociology and a graduate Diploma in Community Politics and the Law from Concordia College.

Mrs. Anne Reid is owner and principal of the law firm APR Law Chambers, Fontabelle, NY and CEO of the Barbados Private Sector Association the umbrella group whose mission is to promote the interests of the Barbados public sector.

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