Hospice Construction Preparations Completed

Preliminary work for the Hospice joint venture between the Barbados Association for Cancer Advocacy (BACA Barbados) and the Living Water Community (LWC) — both charitable Barbados organizations — is completed and the final step of selecting a construction firm is in process.

Barbadian companies and individuals have generously completed architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical elements largely pro bono. Contributors included architect Robert O’Neal of Design-Collaborative, quantity surveyor David Guppy of Anchor Consultants Inc., independent architect Tyrone Mapp (formerly of Selby, Rose & Mapp), structural engineer Philip Sobers of Consultant Engineers Partnership Ltd. and mechanical engineer Jerry Date and electrical engineer Peter Jackman, both of ADeB Consultants Ltd.

Capital campaign fundraiser Neysha Soodeen and her team continue to do yeoman service and has garnered private sector financial support in Barbados. Fundraising is ongoing and will continue for the foreseeable future to complete construction and keep the facility on a strong footing. Rose Jackman, one of the founders of LWC and her team of in-house professionals, have provided excellent advice and the Ministry of Health has been supportive of this much-needed facility.

Barbados Diaspora Collaborative USA (BDC USA), Inc. continues its fundraising efforts in the USA to support the initiative. BDC USA is a federal tax-exempt non-profit entity established in 2012 to seek external (US) funding for impactful projects targeting areas of need in Barbados. The Barbados Cancer Association (BACA) USA holds an annual hospice fundraiser in New York and the Canadian diaspora held its first hospice fundraiser on June 16, 2019 in Toronto. Efforts are underway to engage the UK diaspora.

Construction is expected to commence in 2021 with services starting by 2022. This 14-bed hospice and palliative care facility will establish international standards for hospice care in Barbados and will be an essential supplement to current, limited home hospice care.

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